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Life goes on

Rolf Emmens

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246% bereikt van mijn streefbedrag € 150
Afgesloten Je kunt niet meer doneren

Een beetje inspanning voor een ander 'never hurt anyone'. Zeker gedurende deze 'rare tijden' met Covid-19 kan de verslaafdenzorg echt wel wat extra aandacht gebruiken. Mits op 1,5m .. 

And to support / encourage my non NL colleagues: Cycle for Hope supports the rehabilitation of addicts. We cycle in a team for 24 hours ( = during the 24h, at least one person of the team HAS to use his/her MTB) in an effort to raise as much money as possible. The team is currently led by my younger brother who has (1) extensive experience in MTB-ing and (2) about triple the endurance that I have. Did I mention he's >10 years younger than I am?

So .. If you do know me, like me and (/or) support the cause .. donate! If you do not like me, donate as well so I have to suffer more ... ;-)

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